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Thank you one and all who came to our very FIRST clinic this February. The topic was on all the aspects of Drag Riding as a critical safety feature of every endurance ride. We are delighted that it was well attended and deemed a great success by the attendees. Everyone came away with a more expanded view of the importance drag riding has to the sport of endurance, and a number of those attending expressed a desire to join the corps this year to put their new-found knowledge into action out there on the trails. A huge round of applause and thanks to our terrific Drag Ride leader Duane Martin for sharing his wealth of expertise and enthusiasm with all the attendees. Hope to see everyone out at the rides this year!

(Sanctioned by: AERC, ECTRA, and RIDE AND TIE)

Two days of riding (and running!) fabulous mountain trails and enjoying stunning spring vistas are on the menu for the very first ODEEO ride this April. We are very excited to be hosting this grand old "first of the season" ride as it had been a perennial OD treasure not only for the wide, quiet gravel roads and beautiful yet challenging trails through a very scenic middle section of the George Washington and Thomas Jefferson National Forest, spanning both Virginia and West Virginia, but because it will once again be graciously held at the farm of Ann Melbane and John Crandell.

Diane Connelly will be once again managing the ride and extends an invitation to all who would like to volunteer to help. There are lots of jobs to be filled, and Diane will be happy to fit you with one that you'll enjoy. So please come support this springtime event. We can absolutely 100% guarantee everyone two things about this ride: the weather will be completely unpredictable, and you'll have a terrific time!

We have been working on developing several entry registration options for riders to chose from, and hope to have those online on our Entries page by February 24th. So plan to join us in April and stay tuned to this website for updates!

Welcome to the "new" OD!

In January 2018 the Old Dominion Equestrian Endurance Organization, Inc. stepped forward to transition, support, sponsor, and host all three annual OD endurance rides of the former corporate entity known as the "Old Dominion Endurance Rides, Inc." which had disbanded. It has become our goal to continue the tradition of putting on only the highest caliber of OD rides in a manner that had made those rides a hallmark of both the national and international endurance communities for decades. The Triple Crown, The Old Dominion Trophy, and all the other wonderful awards given by the "old OD" are still active and part of the "new OD" ride competition, so check out our Rides and Entries pages, and the AERC calendar, for dates you will want to put on your calendar. The "old OD" hospitality lives on in the "new OD"!

We also will be sponsoring and hosting the former OD planned clinics and seminars, both mounted and in the classroom. Our first clinic is in February, with more clinics planned for the Summer and Fall of 2018. Information and flyers will be posted on this webpage, as well as our Facebook page (see link near top of page), as those events are finalized.

As part of our goals we have provisionally accepted lifetime Old Dominion members who were in good standing in the old organization. Yearly members in good standing with the old organization have also been provisionally accepted. We will be sending out membership cards once our membership program is underway. Others who wish to join our organization will have an opportunity to do so once we have finalized our new online application form.

We are excited to help uphold and continue the great OD rides and traditions, and hope that you will be excited as well! We will have more news forthcoming in the next two months as we gear up to provide the Endurance community with an efficient and easy on-line process for events, and perks that we hope will please and encourage all involved, both old and new, in this fun sport.

Thanks to all who are doing so much, and working so tirelessly, to help make our new endeavors and goals a reality. You all truly epitomize the spirit of Endurance.

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