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In January 2018 the former corporate entity known as the "Old Dominion Endurance Rides, Inc" was disbanded. The Old Dominion Equestrian Endurance Organization subsequently stepped forward to assist in transitioning, maintaining, supporting and hosting the three annual rides of the former corporation. It has become our goal to continue the tradition of putting on only the highest caliber of OD rides in a manner that had made those rides a hallmark of both the national and international endurance communities for decades. The ODEEO has also agreed to accept members in good standing of the former corporate entity, both lifetime and yearly. Others who wish to join our organization will have an opportunity to do so once we have finalized our online application form.

We are excited to be able to uphold and continue the great rides and traditions of the former organization, and hope that you will be excited as well! We will have more news forthcoming in the next two months as we gear up to provide the Endurance community with a modern outlook, an efficient and easy on-line process for events, and new perks that we hope will please and encourage all involved, both old and new, in this fun sport.

Thanks to all who are doing so much, and working so tirelessly, to help make our goals a reality. You truly epitomize the spirit of Endurance.

Coming February 17th

Life Isn't a Drag
When You Are A Drag Rider!!

Drag Rider Seminar - February 17th 2018
Tri County Feeds in Marshall, VA

Fabulous and ever cheerful Drag Rider Leader, Duane Martin, will be hosting a February seminar for all current (and hopeful) Endurance ride drag riders. The seminar will be held at Tri County Feeds in Marshall. Time to be announced. We are excited to give this wonderful corps of volunteers a much deserved shout-out to be recognized for their efforts in ALL endurance rides. This seminar Is designed to offer insights, tips, and education to further help these volunteers do the critical, exceptional safety work during endurance rides. At the seminar will be displayed a custom made high-viz blaze orange safety vest that will be used for all drag riders to help identify them on the trail, provide a secure place for both radio and medical supplies, and give the riders visibility both day and night. They will be the Fashionistas setting the trend for all drag riders around the county!

Details will be posted asap - so keep your eyes open for further announcements.

It is with very deep sadness that we share the announcement of the deaths of two of the endurance community's long time members:

One of the original seven founding members of the former Old Dominion 100 Mile Ride, Mary Ellen "Dixie" Engelhaupt, died at age 80 on Saturday January 6th 2018 at her home in Browntown, VA. A wonderful and energetic advocate for the endurance sport, Dixie was a familiar face at all the rides, and her cheerful smile and love of the sport was evident to all who had the pleasure of knowing her. Her memorial service will be held Saturday, January 20th at 11am at the Brownville Baptist Church.

Another long-term supporter and true friend of the sport - Charles "Norm" Van Meter - died Saturday, January 13th at the age of 83 in his hometown of Woodbine, NJ. Norm was "the face" of the prior OD organization from the 1980s through the 1990s. He served as a key board member for years, a tireless volunteer, and enthusiastic supporter of the riders. He was such a valued asset to the organization, and so well liked that he even had an endurance horse named after him. Those who knew him, and his wonderful services to the sport, count themselves lucky to have called him a friend. His family welcomes all to come to a memorial celebration of his life on January 22nd at 6 pm at the Radzieta Funeral Home, 9 Hand Avenue, Cape May Court House, NJ.

Both Dixie and Norm will be greatly missed.

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