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Dedicated to the Sport of Endurance Riding in the Commonwealth of Virginia

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  • The Old Dominion Endurance Rides, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1973 to promote and sponsor the equestrian sport of endurance riding.

    Our organization annually hosts several endurance clinics and endurance rides in Northern Virginia including:

    • The No Frills
    • The Old Dominion
    • The Fort Valley.

    We invite you to visit this website for information on our organization, including upcoming rides and clincs, entry forms, results, and membership.

    Photos above are from courtesy of our ride photographers/riders/members.
    Many thanks to all for letting us share your great photos of the trail!

    2018 Membership

    Hey, folks! It's that time again to re-up your membership to the oldest and best statewide Endurance organization anywhere - The Old Dominion Endurance Rides, Inc. Yes, that's us! And yes, we can modestly sing our many praises of our fantastic rides (three, count 'em THREE annual AERC sanctioned endurance rides!), our terrific clinics for both Endurance and Ride and Tie, our lineup of events to encourage and promote the sport of Endurance, plus our social gatherings for celebrating each wonderful year of fun, friendship, and riding, but the best part about being a member is the support you give to this great sport of ours!

    Not only is this membership good for a full 365 days of being part of our incredible Endurance community, but it makes a great gift as well! How about giving an OD membership as:

    • a Christmas present (you don't even have to wrap it - it can be delivered by Holiday email straight from us!)
    • a birthday present (we will never tell how old you are either!)
    • an anniversary present (awwww! So sweet! What better way to say "I love you"❤ Guaranteed to last all though the year, unlike flowers and candy. Calorie free, too!)
    • a friendship present to your favorite (human) riding partner or someone you hope to be a riding partner in the future!)
    • or a "no reason at all except you'd have lots of fun with this terrific group of Endurance folk" gift.

    And if you would REALLY like to make a smashing impression, go for the full Lifetime Membership and be the proud BMOC at all our events and rides.

    To make your membership for 2018 a breeze to obtain (drum roll, please!) we now offer PayPal for a quick and easy renewal of your membership!!!!

    So click on our Membership link (in the menu to the upper left) to renew today!

    2017 Annual Meeting and Holiday Party

    WOW! What a great party!!! Thanks to everybody that was involved (huge shout-out to Lenora and Karl and their fan-fabulous gang of volunteers) in putting together a "knock your socks off best ever!" Christmas part. Everyone there raved that it was a rousing success with a huge crowd of people. Great food! Great door prizes! And a great auction! Not to mention the fun that was had by all! What a memorable way to close out our end of the 2017 year riding season.

    Now we have a brand new year and a brand new season of rides, clinics, and seminars right on our doorstep. And your OD leadership is busy working on the details for the upcoming rides beginning with No Frills in the spring. As always, we are delighted when our riders and members step forward to help make our rides a success. If you've never had a chance to volunteer, make 2018 that year! All of our rides have multiple days in which you can ride one day, and help the other. It's a great opportunity to make new friends, as well as give your support to the hard-working folks who run the organization.

    Hope to see you all out on the trail this coming spring!


    A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out, or contributed, to support our 2017 rides. What a terrific year!

    We are delighted to take this opportunity to first of all thank our wonderful landowners and government Forest Service for the generous use of their lands so that we could hold these rides. Without them, we wouldn't be here at all. So the biggest round of applause to the landowners and land stewards of the No Frills, OD, and Fort Valley rides.

    We also want to take this opportunity to give another round of applause to our many volunteers, sponsors, patrons, and contributors who put their time, effort, money, supplies, creativity, and dedication to our Endurance sport up front when it comes to hosting and running the rides. To our priceless, tireless Ride Managers and Ride Secretaries who endeavor to create the entire process to be seemingly trouble-free and effortless, our incredibly dedicated Station Heads who are the experienced grease that makes each stage run so smoothly for riders and staff, our corps of delightful, energetic, and fun Volunteers (including the Radio folk who work the frequency airways, the Motorcycle riders who monitor the trail, the horse ambulance drivers, and the farriers who quickly and efficiently re-armor a plethora of hooves throughout the day) who are the backbone for every nuance of the ride, our nifty Vets who never fail to be both entertaining with our riders as well as fabulous and faithful advocates of our horses, our amazing list of great Sponsors (special shout-out to Tom of Asgard Arabians for his TERRIFIC selection of Arabs being donated to the Raffle Horse each year - all of them winners!!), our unbeatable Vendors who are always here to provide goods and services to our riders and audience, the fantastic "chefs" that put together each ride's sumptuous foods for the endlessly hungry throngs (another shout-out to Pete "Chef Extraordinaire" Godwin whose culinary masterpieces (in the spirit that "no one goes away hungry") are the yummy highlight at the Fort Valley Rides year after year), our superb cadre of riders who come out to support the rides and the sponsors and vendors and get the best views of the trails and the occasional wildlife (including bears!**). Last, but never least, the crews and spectators who get to watch all the action just for the fun of being part of it all, and are often roped into enthuiastically cheering riders at the start, finish, and various checks along the way.



    **Black bears on the trail during the Fort Valley ride (October 2017). Photo by one of our fabulous radio guys!

    Please Click Here to Volunteer for any or all of our rides!

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