Old Dominion Cavalry Trophy Winners

OD Cavalry Rider Photos

The Cavalry Division is unique to the Old Dominion ride, serving to encapsulate the ride's founding history from the very first ride in 1974 and throughout the decades up to the rides today. We acknowledge and salute the many riders who took up the challenge to ride in this division, and who exemplify the true meaning of "endurance".

Cavalry rider resting at a vet check - 1986

John Reynolds riding "Thriller" in the Cavalry Division - 1988

Cavalry rider Jennifer Alexander - 1991

Cavalry rider "J" on trail - 1980's

Cavalry riders J. Crandell, III and John Alexander on trail - 1990

****** **********************************
1974 (Leesburg)John White Buck n/a3rd
1975 (Leesburg)Pete Fields El Ammal Shoho 18:10:502nd
1976 (Leesburg)Wayne Botts
1977 (Leesburg)Matthew Mackay-Smith Silver 15:26:094th and OD Trophy
1978 (Leesburg)Darlene Jenkins Mancho M 23:40:51
1979 (Leesburg)Lawton Johnston Sheeha 19:41:07 9th
1980 (Front Royal) Pete Fields El Ammal Shoho 16:36:346th, OD Trophy, AERC BC
1981 (Front Royal)Winkie Mackay-Smith Jameel Ziyara 19:59:104th
1982 (Front Royal) None
1983 (Front Royal)Kell Achenbach Taran Wanderer20:33:586th
1984 (Front Royal)Merril Hogue Roadrunner23:21:519th
1985 (Front Royal)Barbara Daily Ett Nor Mar Bianca 23:49:01
1986 (Front Royal)Betty Baird Honey Hill Sunup 20:05:1013th
1987 (Front Royal) John Alexander VP Southern Victory18:55:436th
1988 (Front Royal)John Crandell, Jr. GT Grisha 13:46:582nd
1989 (Front Royal) Trophy not awarded
1990(Front Royal) Gene FisherPortrait 21:46:4412th
1991(Front Royal) Gene FisherPortrait 17:30:2712th
1992 (Front Royal)Susan Kasemeyer Royal Run Amir 17:50:5427th
1993 (Front Royal)Susan Kasemeyer Royal Run Amir 16:00:0013th
1994 (Front Royal)Doug Leitzke Atizer 15:40:009th
1995 (Front Royal)
1996 (Front Royal)
1997 (Front Royal)
1998 (Front Royal)
1999 (Front Royal)
2000 (Front Royal)
2001 (Front Royal)
2002 (Front Royal)Lynne Gilbert GM Chagall 15:30 1st, OD Trophy, AERC BC
2003 (Front Royal)N/ARide cancelled due to flooded river
2004 (Front Royal)*no riders entered*
2005 (Front Royal)*no riders entered*
2006 (Front Royal)*no riders entered*
2007 (Front Royal) Trophy not awarded
2008 (Bayse)
2009 (Bayse)Katherine ShankWind Dancer-Bey 13:24:59 Cavalry & Old Dominion Trophy
2010 (Bayse)*no riders entered*
2010 (Bayse)Susan SolisKhorvet 15:23:31 Cavalry