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2017 Old Dominion Raffle Horse

2014 Chestnut Gelding
Stratagem x Toujjours (Bandjo de Falgas)

Gentle, sweet, and very willing, this young Asgard horse reflects the Asgard philosophy of a quality Arabian for endurance - from an esteemed, proven granddam (Crabbet/Russian) outcrossed for substance (French/Russian) producing a dam by a breedy, complementary all-Russian sire of exemplementary temperament.

Asgard Arabians also offers many outstanding horses for sale for endurance, show, and sporting disciplines. Several of Asgard horses are competing at the top endurance rides in the US and abroad, and also at the highest level of international FEI. Asgard Arabians is located in Sinks Grove, WV 24976. Telephone (304) 645-1670 to schedule an appointment.

Previous Asgard horses that have gone on to brilliant endurance careers.

Asgard's Heraldic
owned by John Crandell, Jr.

- Winner of the 2006 Old Dominion 100 mile Endurance Ride and winner of the Old Dominion Trophy*
~ PLUS ~
- Winner of the 2006 & 2010 WSTR (Tevis Cup) 100 Mile Endurance Ride and winner of the Haggin Cup (Best Condition).

Heraldic is the only horse in endurance history to have won both the OD 100 and OD Trophy, and also the 100 mile Western States Trail Ride (Tevis Cup) and the Haggin Cup (the Tevis Best Condition Award) in the same year!

Photo by Merri Melde

*Old Dominion Trophy - the premier 100 mile award presented by the Old Dominion to the horse and rider team which has demonstrated optimum performance based on its post-ride recovery and condition. The formula for determining a winner is based on a veterinary score, total elapsed time and weight carried as judged on Sunday morning.