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    The Old Dominion Endurance Ride, Inc hosts three AERC sanctioned endurance rides (50 to 100 miles) and Limited Distance rides (25 to 35 miles) each year, plus Ride and Tie competition.

  • NOTE: We require all equine entries in all our rides to be wearing four shoes, or the equivalent of hoof protection which include boots or glue-ons.
  • Please review AERC Rules (see link in menu) if competing for the 1st time. Also please see the Awards webpage for eligible awards offered.
  • If you cannot download the entry because an asteroid hit your computer, or your printer burst into flames from overuse, we can e-mail you the entry form, but we strongly suggest you try your local library and their printers before you come to us. Click Here

    2017 No Frills Ride
    Fri, April 21st & Sat, April 22nd

    30/30/55/55 Mile Endurance and LD Ride
    18 mile Intro Ride
    and 19/30/55 mile Ride & Tie

    Click the links below to download the documents: (NOTE: all documents are in PDF file format unless noted otherwise)

    Friday Ride entry form
    Saturday Ride entry form*
    (*Includes the 18 mile Intro Ride entry)
    Treatment Authorization Form**
    (**MUST be included with your entry)
    Ride and Tie Entry Form
    Schedule of Events
    Directions to Basecamp - Word Doc
    Ride Camp information
    Ride Vet Check Schedule (Open and Close times)

    Entry forms include Liability Waver.

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