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Dedicated to the Sport of Endurance Riding in the Commonwealth of Virginia

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    The Old Dominion Endurance Ride, Inc hosts three AERC sanctioned endurance rides (50 to 100 miles) and Limited Distance rides (25 to 35 miles) each year, plus Ride and Tie competition.

  • NOTE: We require all equine entries in all our rides to be wearing four shoes, or the equivalent of hoof protection which include boots or glue-ons.
    PLEASE NOTE THIS AS WELL: A word to the wise that the OD trail is NOT "strap on boot" friendly! If you want to go with boots, we STRONGLY (and we wish we could use bigger capitals because this REALLY needs to be stressed) that you glue on your boots. The OD trails eat strap on boots like they were Halloween candy, and we've heard this tale of woe from too many hapless competitors not to say that you can dispense with your gym membership if you elect to go with strapped on boots because you will spend the majority of your time getting off and back on your saddle, or trudging back down the trail looking for a lost boot, or two, or three. More exercise than you'd have on that stair stepper at the gym! It is your choice to use strap-ons, but please don't say we didn't warn you!
  • Please review AERC Rules (see link in menu) if competing for the 1st time. Also please see the Awards webpage for eligible awards offered.
  • If you cannot download the entry because an asteroid hit your computer, or your printer burst into flames from overuse, we can e-mail you the entry form, but we strongly suggest you try your local library and their printers before you come to us. Click Here

    Thank you everyone for coming out to our 2017 rides.

    We are currently setting up our calendar for the 2018 rides and clinics, so stay tuned to this website for more information at the beginning of 2018.

    Until then, have a great holiday season!

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