Old Dominion Endurance Rides, Inc. Old Dominion Endurance Rides, Inc.
Dedicated to the Sport of Endurance Riding in the Commonwealth of Virginia

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    ~ Click Here to download OD Membership Application ~

    Membership in the Old Dominion Endurance Ride, Inc. is one of the best ways to fully enjoy the sport of endurance riding in Virginia! Membership is annual and available in

    Photo by Flora Hillman

    • Individual ($25/year)
    • Family ($35/year)
    • Lifetime Individual($400 - one time payment only)
    • Lifetime Family ($500 - one time payment only)
    The Old Dominion Endurance Ride, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization. Members enjoy wonderful perks including a regular newsletter featuring all kinds of terrific information including stories, ride results, classified ads, constant updates on upcoming endurance rides, clinics, training rides, and organization projects. Membership also includes a Rider Information Packet, and the chance to attend the monthly fun and informative OD Board Meetings, and vote at the annual membership meeting on a variety of issues relating to the organization.

    Through your membership you will participate in, be rewarded by, and encourage the objectives of this organization which are:

    • Sponsor the annual Old Dominion Endurance Ride (25/50/75/100 miles), No Frills Endurance Ride (30/55 miles), Fort Valley Endurance Ride (30/50 miles), and other endurance rides hosted by this organization.
    • Promote the use of standarized rules for managing and judging endurance rides.
    • Promote the establishment, preservation, creation, and use of equestrian trails in Virginia.
    • Encourage excellence in horsemanship and sportsmanship.
    • Encourage the collection and publication of scientific data as related to endurance horses, endurance riders, and the sport in general.

    So, join the Old Dominion and bring a whole new level of fun to your endurance riding!

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