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    Ride results for each ride will be uploaded at the end of the ride. Once the ride results are posted to AERC's database, they are considered the official results. You can access them by going to the AERC website at www.aerc.org

    2017 No Frills

    The official results are yet to be posted, but here is the quick synopsis from the OD Facebook page:
    Thank you to all who came and enjoyed the trails and good company. And the biggest thank you to the WONDERFUL volunteers this year.

    A few [unofficial] stats:

    Friday: [misty on-and-off light drizzle at away vet check until about 11am, then sunny and hot (82 degree "heat wave") Riders said it was gorgeous on the top of the mountain tho.]

    • 55 milers: 31 started; 23 completed (74% completion rate)
      1st Place Lisa Delp; BC goes to Dean Hillard
    • 30 Milers: 21 starts, 17 finished (81% completion rate)
      1st place Bryna Stevenson BC: Jane Rodrigue

    Saturday: (48 degrees and unrelenting, (at times absolutely) pouring, miserably cold nasty rain). Hats off to all that rode Saturday.

    • 55 milers: 24 scheduled to start but only 18 went out on trail; 16 completed (89% completion rate)
      1st place and BC: Felisa Read
    • 30 milers: 20 scheduled to start but only 11 went out on trail, 8 finished (73% completion rate)
      1st Place: Millie Turner (I have your 1st to finish prize: photo from Becky); BC Jessica Herrmann

    NOTE: If you have video or photographs of any OD ride and will allow us to put them on this website (with full credit to you, of course!) we would love to hear from you. Please use the Contact page to let us know if you have pics/video to share!

    Archived Records

    Photo by John Marsh
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